The Australian Nanoscience Institute Puts Every Experiment Inside a Faraday Cage

Image by The University of Sydney/Victoria Baldwin
Image by The University of Sydney/Victoria Baldwin

Nanotechnology researchers at the University of Sydney now have a building that will make them the envy of the scientific community—with ultra-clean rooms, vibration-free floors and faraday cages aplenty.

New Scientist calls the new Australian Institute for Nanoscale Science “one of the most controlled places on the planet.” And it might just be right, because there’s a long list of features in the new building that would make many scientists jealous.

It’s built with specially suspended floors, to make sure vibrations from outside don’t upset experiments occurring within. Laboratory walls are lined with layers of welded aluminum to turn them into Faraday cages that block out all electromagnetic signals. And its temperature, pressure and humidity are all carefully controlled, as are particulates in the air.


There are some teaching facilities in there too, of course. But really, this is just the lab that every research scientist dreams of.

[University of Sydney and MBA via New Scientist]

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