You Can Stash an Insane Amount of Data in a Rubik's Cube

Remember that part in the new Snowden trailer, where Ed sneaks data out of the NSA by hiding a memory card in a Rubik’s cube? Has to be bullshit, right?


Not exactly. YouTube geek AntVenom wondered if it was even possible to hide microSD cards inside of a cube. But the question isn’t whether you can hide one card. The question is: How many memory cards can you stuff inside much this unassuming toy.

In fact, you can fit a ton of memory cards inside a Rubik’s cube. Not all Rubik’s tiles are created equally, but the 12 of them that aren’t directly attached to the core have a fair bit of space inside them. AntVenom tried fitting microSDs into these roomier tiles and was able to wedge 13 into each brick without affecting the toy’s movements in the slightest.

Considering you can buy 200 gigabyte microSDs, you could fill the 12 viable tiles with 13 cards each. That adds up to well over 30 terabytes—about three Libraries of Congress. With regard to the scene in Snowden, however, the trick only seems to work on cubes released after 2013. So Ed probably didn’t use this trick to leak information, but maybe a few disgruntled NSA employees are starting to get ideas.

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Came here to read about data being stored by the state of the cube, like some kind of quantum bit.

Leaving disappointed... :(