Guantanamo Bay Is Just Buckets of Fun, Says Leaked NSA Newsletter

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In the latest edition of scraping the barrel of the Snowden leak, The Intercept has released a trove of National Security Agency newsletters. According to one document from 2003, working at Guantanamo Bay is a real blast!


The December 22, 2003 edition of SIDtoday, the newsletter for the Signals Intelligence Directorate, attempts to sell NSA employees on the idea of going to Guantanamo Bay for some TDY, which is military slang for Temporary Duty Yonder. This newsletter was published nearly a year after the United States starting sending suspected terrorists to detention centers inside the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base and not long after a several prisoners attempted suicide. Within two years of this memo, The New York Times started exposing the horrors of Gitmo’s enhanced interrogation techniques.

Today, new information about guards as well as intelligence officers abusing and sexually abusing prisoners at Guantanamo Bay is still being revealed. Obama plans to close the Gitmo detention centers, where there are still dozens of detainees. Truly horrific things have happened at Guantanamo Bay, but according to the NSA circa 2003, enhanced interrogation (torture) is very rewarding:

The mission of JTF-GTMO is to conduct detention and interrogation operations to collect and exploit intelligence in support of the global war on terrorism (GWOT), to screen detainees, and to support law enforcement and war crimes investigations. The NSA Liaison Officer (NSA LNO) works in the Joint Interrogation Group (JIG), a major element of JTF-GTMO. The interrogation focus at Guantanamo is strategic; tactical questioning is accomplished in-theater to see what they know, categorize them accordingly, and determine what requirements they can satisfy.

After a long day of torture, you may need to cool off and have some fun. Guantanamo has you covered. The newsletter explains:

(U//FOUO) Outside work, fun awaits and opportunities abound. Water sports are outstanding: boating, paddling, fishing, water skiing and boarding, sailing, swimming, snorkeling, and SCUBA. No experience, no problem. Learn how to operate a boat in a weekend, become a certified open water scuba diver within weeks. If you’ve already mastered these skills, or once you do, the MWR marina rents boats from pontoon party boats to Carolina skiffs to ski boats to kayaks...and recently they’ve added sailboat rentals, too. The local dive shop has all the gear and tips to ensure a perfect outing. Surround all this water fun with a Tiki Bar and a Jerk House as well as the Bayview Restaurant ... relaxing is easy.

Relaxing is easy when you’re enjoying all that this dark little corner of Cuba has to offer. But wait there’s more:

(U//FOUO) Water sports not your cup of tea? There are many other activities to round your day off. The library has two dozen internet terminals and over 1000 videos. Or take in a movie at the outdoor theatre featuring a weekly variety of the latest releases. Other activities include: pottery, hiking, nature walks, biking, paintball, martial arts, tennis, racquetball, basketball, softball, and bowling. There are also several swimming pools and gyms. Or, just relax and take in the warmth of the sun.


You can download the whole trove of NSA newsletters published by The Intercept today. The first release is just newsletters from 2003, but The Intercept will be publishing more.

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Yeah, it's just awful that we were recruiting good people to work in a critical area. Just terrible. They should have been barred from any water activities on the Caribbean where the base is located