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The Ogo, which has been available here in the US under AT&T Wireless, has a new feature added that may make it a worthy rival to the business-favorite BlackBerry. The feature is exactly what the BlackBerry does best: push email.

Synchronica, which has its SyncML Gateway, similar to RIM's push email gateway, allows devices like the Ogo to get notified when an email comes in. As opposed to pull email, which means the device needs to go to a server and check periodically whether there's an email available. This causes strain on the server and uses up bandwidth for the client, which is precious, and not to mention costly, for mobile devices. An added bonus to Synchronica's solution (SyncML and Push IMAP) is that it's based on open standards and should be free from the patent issues RIM has been facing.


What does this all mean to you? IXI, the maker of the Ogo, has licensed Synchronica's push email technology, so you can now get a push email device that can also do IM without paying the premium for a BlackBerry. The downside is that the Ogo is still a data-only device, so you'll have to have a separate cell phone if you want to receive calls.

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