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We're looking for a way to put the hurt on clouds of bloodthirsty mosquitoes, something a mosquito-repelling T-shirt or necklace probably can't do very well. Enter the Mega-Catch Ultra Trap, a serious-looking contraption that lures in the little buggers with a combination of flashing LEDs, an ultraviolet light and a strip of octenol. After attracting those bloodsuckers, it vacuums them up to their well-deserved deaths. The trap's maker claims it can murder 3707 mosquitoes per night. If that's not enough, you can add on a CO2 tank for extra killage.

That "3707 mosquitoes" death toll sounds pretty impressive until you figure that in your yard there are probably thousands more than that out for blood every night. We're skeptical of any device being able to handle that kind of threat. Wondering if it works? Pony up $499 and you can find out for yourself.

Product page [MegaCatch, via uber-gizmo]