Noted Genius Stephen Hawking Literally Can't With Donald Trump

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Stephen Hawking is almost universally revered for his intelligence. Donald Trump is revered for certain other attributes. Hawking, however, appears to be impressed neither with Trump’s hands nor his hair. In fact, the scientist thinks Trump is pretty terrible.


“I can’t,” Hawking said on Tuesday during an appearance on the news show Good Morning Britain when asked to explain the blustery human clementine’s rise to political power. The celebrated genius added, “He is a demagogue, who seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator.”

Hawking, of course, is famous for his work with black holes, general relativity, quantum mechanics, and other Smart People Things. But when it comes to Trump? Hawking’s stumped, you guys.

The physicist and artificial intelligence naysayer also discussed another global disaster, climate change, and said it posed a more “immediate danger.” Luckily, Trump has a solution to that, too!

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My first Vote year was 2012.

I didn’t vote because I was indifferent towards either candidate because of attributes of their platforms.

I will not be voting this year because of indifference again. However this time, it’s more to do with general dislike.

Is there’s a such thing as a hung population?