I know were getting nasty about Vista—actually, it's just me, but I speak for the trees, etc.—but this very long article puts that haterage and disappointment into quite a few words.

What don't I like about Vista? Well, it's just XP with a nicer interface. Microsoft has done this countless times—dumped the same load of code into a prettier package and called it a sexy upgrade. Also understand that I used Windows exclusive since the days of 3.11, so I've had a bit of experience with this. Sure, on the admin side, I'm sure Vista will have all kinds of perks, but there's not much I've seen thus far to make it look like anything more than more bloatware.


Flame me all you want—I'm reading as much as I can on Vista and I'm trying to see what's in store for me as a geek in terms of Vista coolness, and I'm just not seeing it. Maybe I'll give Travis, the noted Windows user, these posts to write.

Visual Tour: 20 Things You Won't Like About Windows Vista [ComputerWorld]