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The silicone flesh cushion known as "Sitzfleisch" attempts to give people stuck in office chairs all day long a bit of a respite by mimicking the look and feel of real human flesh, delivering the utmost in comfort. Made out of a silicone polymer, the chair cushion promises to act as an extension of the human body, since, as the South American manufacturer Exsil claims, "healthy human soft tissue is nature's unequaled solution for utmost sitting comfort."

Exsil also says that the cushion may help people who suffer from aches and pains, since many of those ailments can be attributed to sitting on lackluster chairs for long periods of time. Who's going to argue about sitting on top of $80 slab of fake skin?

A fair warning for those looking to further investigate the comapny's Web site: there's quite a bit of nudity, but it's mostly the artsy kind.

Product Page [Exsil via Shiny Shiny]

Exsil Store (in Portuguese)