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Now here's a good idea for RFID. Trading privacy for security, seniors have been wearing badges embedded with an RFID tag. The tag constantly relays the location of the residents, which gives them more freedom to walk around since caregivers know exactly where they are at all times. Since many of the people living there have Alzheimer's or some sort of dementia, having location tracking instead of fences keeps people safe while allowing them more access.

It's hard to be a caregiver from far away. Before, when Riedel called her mother on the phone, Kimmel couldn't always remember what she had done that day. Now Riedel phones and checks on the computer a few times a week.

"I can track her weight," Riedel explains. "I can tell how much time she spent in bed. I can tell how restless she was. There's a graph that keeps track of that."

Interesting stuff. They could use this same type of technology to monitor children in day care centers so their parents can keep an eye on them from work.

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