Launch Date and Price For Sony's New VR System Announced

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PS VR, Sony’s super exceptional VR headset that competes with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, has been in development for a while and we’ve been super impressed every time we’ve tried it out.


But there’s been one major issue with the headset—no release date.

Today in LA Sony announced that PS VR will be available starting October 13, 2016 for a price of $399. That’s significantly less than either competitor and with many people already owning the required PS4 it should make the barrier for entry low enough that non-enthusiasts can enjoy.

Sony has also promised what is easily the best series of launch titles for its VR system, with over 50 games to be released between October and the end of the year, including what appears to be a Star Wars game and a Batman game (with Mark Hamill returning as the Joker!).

At this point Sony still hasn’t announced the rumored PS4.5 system—which means those rumors of the PS4 being incapable of running PSVR may have been just bunk.

Sony also hasn’t said what will be included in with that $399 price tag. Is it just the headset itself? Or will it also include the necessary controllers and camera?

We’ll update when we know more.


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Why are people surprised by the price? Pre-orders already happened and it was at the same price point, wasn’t it? I know that my Canadian pre-order works out to a price of $399US.