Tony Hawk (Old) Can Still Pull Off His Famous 900

Seventeen years ago, extreme sports ambassador and titular Pro Skater Tony Hawk pulled off the 900 revolution at the 1999 X-Games. The trick involves rotating the board two and a half times while midair (and in normal gravity), and Hawk struggled with it back in his spry days. Now 48, he gives it the old college try.


Since Hawk made the trick a household name, younger skateboarders have been able to pull off 1080s. And frankly, Tony has nothing to prove to anyone. Half a century is a long time to fall off things every single day. Even more rewarding to watch than the trick itself is Hawk’s visible level of bittersweet relief when he finally nails it, knowing he probably won’t ever be able to perform the 900 again. “Spencer was there on my first one,” he says walking off with his second-oldest son, “now he’s [here] on my last.”

Stay cool, skate dad.

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