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Uber Is Launching 'Uber for Hot Air Balloons'

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

In a move just short of self-parody, Uber has announced a new feature that will let certain users request a hot air balloon or boat—you know, for that casual commute to work.


The company, which in its salad days was merely for cars, made the announcement at TechCrunch Shanghai. The bad news is that it’s currently only available in China, because ride-sharing competition in China is heating up with the popularity of rival Didi Chuxing, and desperate times call for the on-demand hot-air balloon economy.

The good news is that us Americans believe in the power of our dreams and if we try hard enough, we, too, might be able to force Uber’s hand and make it bring boats and balloons to us too. And if not, there’s always Uber’s original partnership that brought us “Uber for helicopters.” Sure, the ride might have turned out to be slower than driving, but nothing can disrupt the cool factor, right?



Angela Chen is the morning editor at Gizmodo.

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joe zenkus

I don’t know if anyone has ridden in a balloon, but the conditions have to be perfect (IE under 8mph winds) to fly safely. That’s not just on the ground, that’s 1,000 feet up too. Wind direction can change depending on height. Just don’t expect to get anywhere near where you think you will. Balloon rides are just that, leisure.. Not to get to a destination. Also get ready to get up at 4am while conditions are stable.