Video Shows Off the Relationship Between Dance and Architecture

The concept behind the short film “Fabricating Performance” by the Interactive Architecture Lab and the study that surrounds it concerns reciprocation in design.


Humans interact with space; shapes define space; humans then interact differently with the space after new objects have entered the picture.

In the case of the dancer in the video, her movements are tracked by a machine that then bends an industrial CNC pipe to mimic her. The objects are then placed around the room, thereby affecting her future choreography.

This highlights the relationship between architecture and choreography. According to the lab, which has a new program dedicated to the study between these two seemingly different art forms, analyzing this relationship can give people in both fields new insights and inspiration.

“Reciprocal exchanges of language to discuss the body and its geometry have been assimilated, often altering the meanings of these terms and offering designers and artists new insights into the creative process,” the paper, set to be presented at the Architecture InPlay Conference in Lisbon in July, stated.

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I’m surprised not to see a mention of the famous quote – sometimes attributed to Martin Mull:

Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.

It seems like a natural.