How to Make a DIY Dyson Bladeless Fan with a Water Jug and a Plant Vase

Dyson’s Bladeless Fans are wonderfully awesome but also ridiculously expensive. Am I really going to spend 300 bucks on a fan? Nah. Thankfully, Rulof the master maker of things breaks down how to build the bladeless fan with a water jug, a few vases, and a microwave fan.


Just like Dyson, this DIY version of a “bladeless” fan hides the blades inside the base. It looks like it works pretty well. And while it doesn’t look as good as a Dyson fan, it has its own charm... sort of.

To be honest, am I really going to spend all this time and effort to make a bladeless fan? Probably not. Good thing that there are people in this world that would though.

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It is not fucking ‘bladeless’, they just moved them inside the housing.

I know this is a bit pedantic, but come on.