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Hillary Clinton Believes in Science

Image: AP/Shutterstock
Image: AP/Shutterstock

In her speech at the Democratic National Convention Thursday night, Hillary Clinton made a lot of promises about her probable presidential administration. One stood out to us here at Gizmodo.


“I believe in science,” she said. The crowd erupted in applause. And then, Clinton giggled. She fucking giggled.

There’s a lot to critique about either political party, but this is clearly a slight towards the people who believe climate change isn’t real and who believe in biblical ideas of how the world was formed.


Clinton remained vague on the rest of her science and technology policies in her speech (although she’s spoken about her views elsewhere), but she expanded a bit on how her administration could deal with changes in our climate.

I believe climate change is real, and that we can save our planet while creating millions of well paying clean energy jobs.

Look, we’re not highlighting this because it was a standout moment in a speech full of quotes. It’s just amazing that in this, the year 2016, a presidential candidate has to explicitly say that they believe in science.

What a world.


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At the moment she mentioned that she ‘believes in science’ i was really hoping for her to talk about funding NASA and giving a greater platform for scientists of every discipline to push boundaries and to speak out about their discoveries and to interact and inform the public on a greater level then ever before.

I thought she would try and work in STEM and getting your girls involved in programs, at that point as well.