Whatever Game This Is, This Guy Is Clearly its Best Player

While mere mortals like you and I are trying to comprehend what the hell is going on here, this guy is racking up bonkers combos on what one can only hope is this game’s highest difficulty setting. His player name is ~ё~, and he’s on the fast track to carpal tunnel syndrome.

For what it’s worth, the game being depicted is called Chunithm—it’s a rhythm game developed by Sega for arcades. On the surface it looks like some sort of keyboard Guitar Hero, but the mechanics are much less forgiving (turn to our esteemed colleagues at Kotaku for an explanation of how it works.) Even still, ~ё~ makes it look like a breeze, hitting every single note on this track for a final combo score of 2222—which the game calls “All Justice” for some reason. Personally, I’m a bit dizzy just trying to follow the guy’s hands.

Sidebar: Just think how good it must feel when ~ё~ cracks his knuckles.

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Jesus, how much money would you have to spend on that game to get that good?