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Watch Live as ISS Astronauts Spacewalk to Install a New Door

Image: NASA blogs
Image: NASA blogs

Home improvement projects are rarely interesting, unless you’re an astronaut. Right now NASA’s Kate Rubins and Jeff Williams are installing the first of two new docking adapters into the side of the International Space Station which will accommodate Boeing and SpaceX crafts.


Bolting on a door may not sound like big news, but once the ISS is able to accept Dragon capsules and CST-100 Starliners, it will effectively end Russia’s domination of space transportation. The installation is projected to last six-and-a-half hours total and marks Rubins’ inaugural spacewalk.

Watch full stream from NASA below:

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“...Russia’s domination of space transportation.”

Russia didn’t so much “dominate” space transportation as they simply inherited it by default when the Obama administration folded our shuttle program, against the loud and persistent protests of NASA and the astronaut corps.