Behold: Farm Egg

Farm Egg
Farm Egg

It is 2016, and Farm Egg has arrived by mail atop a majestic cardboard bed for consumption by the eager tongues of the one percent.

Behold its glory: Nestled comfortably in wildly sophisticated packaging, bearing a comically precise description for which the only reasonable rationale must be, “Let’s make sure to call this one a Farm Egg so our customers don’t confuse it with a Dumpster Egg, or even worse, a Stop & Shop Egg.”


Here’s to you, Blue Apron, the food delivery service we deserve, for giving us the wildly wasteful but nonetheless very attractive Farm Egg. That packaging sure will look great atop the garbage pile outside all those shiny new renovated apartment buildings.

Update: As pointed out by our own J.K. Trotter, Farm Egg is also joined by Solo Bacon:

[h/t @LRcomic via Twitter]


Sophie is a former news editor at Gizmodo.

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Bryan Menegus

If you sing to it, it hatches into an entire farm