Tinder Tests New Feature to Help Horny Drunk People Be Seen by Even More Horny Drunk People

Image: Tinder
Image: Tinder

Tinder’s latest features have a very specific feel: they could lead to innocent fun, but really, they’re just a cover for far filthier activities. Tinder Social, for example, was touted as “a better way to go out with friends,” but it was really just an orgy finder. And the app’s newest foray, Tinder Boost, is no different.


“Be seen by more people and get more matches” is how Tinder summarizes its latest feature, which the company currently testing in Australia. If you choose to “boost” your profile, you’ll become one of your areas’s top profiles for half an hour, which theoretically means that a ton of people will see your lovely mug. In fact, Tinder claims “boosting” can get you ten times more profile views than you’d get without “boosting.”

Horny young users can access the new Tinder Boost feature in a couple of different ways. If you have Tinder Plus—the premium version of the app—you get one free “boost” per week. If you don’t, you can buy individual “boosts” for with money. (There’s no word yet on how much it’s going to cost, but we’ve reached out to Tinder and we’ll update if we hear back.)


Tinder likes to claim it’s not a hookup app, but that’s bullshit, of course. The app was created to gamify romance—after all, swiping through dozens of faces until you find a match is just a fun, time-wasting game—and the goal of any game is to win. For Tinder, winning means more matches, and thus more potential boning friends. Even adding GIFs, Spotify songs, and “super likes” was done with this in mind. Tinder Boost is no different. Tinder can claim all of these features are designed to help you find your Prince or Princess Charming, but really, they’re just catering to app’s drunk and horny user base.

Of course, if Tinder can make some extra cash in the process, that’s even better for the company and its investors. The app’s one million-plus paid subscribers have already shown that people are will to pay for dating help. But for those who don’t want to shell out regularly, Tinder Boost is a snackable alternative—after all, what’s the harm in paying for a little lift in visibility every once in a while?

Go forth and bone, drunk and horny masses.

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Warlord of Crud

You knock Tinder, but I found much higher quality women on Tinder than a paid eHarmony account; including my wife.