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The first pictures we've seen of Motorola's upcoming RAZR update have surfaced, where the gorgeous cellphone, code-named "Canary," has gotten a glowing review. It's given the once-over and photographed by BengalBoy (a strange site that's not safe for work that mixes pictures of lovely ladies with pictures of lovely tech). The phone is about two-thirds the width of the current RAZR, and about the same thickness. It has 2-megapixel camera with video, supports microSD cards, and has a 352x288 screen inside. But BengalBoy was most impressed with its design:

"What really sets this "Bird" apart from the rest of the cell phones floating around is its "Pure Design". Simple, straight forward, uncluttered and encased in a "Glass Like" Colored Mirror with matching colored keypad..... the highly reflective mirrored surface draws instant "What is That??" comments from stander's by and admiring and covetous looks from those who hold it in their hands!!"

Looks like quite an update to an already-beautiful design. We especially like the wraparound speaker incorporated into the bottom of the phone.

BengalBoy Reviews the Motorola Canary (RaZr II) (NSFW) [BengalBoy]