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How much would you pay for a mouse pad? $10? $20? Or, dare say, $100? You'd better be prepared to pony up almost $500 (well, £260) if you want this little dynamo. Part of the official Formula 1 Collection, this carbon mouse pad is hand-crafted by Englishmen and designed with 3D modeling software. Hmm, make Cars or a mouse pad? Obviously, the choice is clear.

For just under $500, you get a standard-sized mouse pad that's composed of "solid polished carbon fiber." The back of the pad is made of Italian black suede and is probably worth more than your shoes. Oh, and there's an F1 logo on the front, because paying an arm and a leg for a mouse pad just isn't the same without advertising for that ethereal motor sport.

Hey, at least you can use both an optical and ball-operated mouse on it.

Product Page [The Official F1 Store]