Take a Piss On Beautiful Landscapes in 'Pee World VR'

Image: peeworldvr.com

Have you ever dreamt of pissing into the Grand Canyon? Or maybe you’ve dreamt about taking a leak in deep outer space. Now, you finally can. Sort of.


In the new simulation “Pee World VR,” you can basically take a long, steaming piss anywhere you can imagine. The cutting-edge software puts you behind an endless firehose of bright yellow urine that you can aim in any direction. Even better, the software lets you change your environment on a whim. With the press of a button, you’ll be transported to faraway places like the Grand Canyon, a Trump rally, deep space, and more. Wow!

The software was designed by programmers Grant Thomas and Pablo Rochat who spend most of their time as professionals making awesome creative concepts for big brands like Old Spice, Nike, and Tinder. The two have apparently worked this simulation up in their free time, and I have to say, it’s one of the best uses of virtual reality I’ve ever seen.

If you, like me, can’t wait to start pissing all over the place (virtually), then you should go and download Pee World VR app right now. It’s already available in the Google Play store and works best on any Google Cardboard or Gear VR headset.

[Pee World VR via The Creators Project]

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True story: I went hiking on the Appalachian Trail earlier this year (went about 150 miles!). The trail starts at the summit of Springer Mountain in Georgia (for a NoBo run), and I had to piss something fierce when I got up there. So I did!

As I hiked on, it quickly became a tradition: get to the top of a mountain, and take a piss. I even started using it as motivation during some of the steeper climbs: “I’m going to piss all over this fucker when I get to the top!” (he said, between heaving breaths and short breaks).

I look forward to pissing on mountaintops again, when I go back in 2018!