Twitter Is Testing Ways to Squeeze Even More Vile Racist Shit Into a Single Tweet

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

If you’ve used Twitter long enough, you’ve probably run into this classic conundrum. You’re typing out a repulsive, potentially racist, thinly veiled death threat to send to an actor, political commentator, or the person you’re currently stalking. The tweet is looking pretty dang good. It checks all the boxes. Racial slurs? Check. Psychotic ravings? You bet. A quick photoshop you made of a horse shitting on the avatar of the person you’re tweeting at? Shoot, you just ran out of space! Twitter’s 140 character limit strikes again.


Thankfully, Twitter has come up with an idea that will allow us, the tweeting masses, to pack every one of our tweets with as much morally questionable and repugnant prose as possible. According to TechCrunch, Twitter is testing a new feature that wouldn’t count usernames as part of the 140 character limit.

It’s crazy to think that as Twitter was making a last ditch effort to sell the company, and potential bidders were pulling out because of the trolling, bullying, and masses of white nationalist-inspired hatred on the platform, Twitter was dreaming up even more ways to fill tweets with insidious hatred.

What will this do to fix Twitter’s declining stock price and rumored hundreds of layoffs? Probably nothing.

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The sooner Twitter can’t find a buyer, runs completely out of money, and disappears off the Internet, the better off humanity will be.