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If you need a last minute costume for Halloween, don’t rely on Amazon Prime shipping to get it in time. Many customers are complaining that when they went to order their Halloween costume, Amazon promised it would be shipped in two days. But when they got the confirmation of their order, it turned out the packages would arrive much later than initially promised.

One Redditor writes that she ordered a costume for her son with Prime two-day shipping on October 18:

Strangely, when I got the order confirmation, it was scheduled to be delivered today, 10/26. So I tried to update the shipping preference, but the scheduled date stayed the same. Last night, it said it hadn’t shipped, but was scheduled to arrive by 8pm tonight. This afternoon, I get the email from Amazon that says there is a delay and the costume will now arrive on 11/2. Obviously I cancelled, but now I have to run around with my son and try to find another costume. Thanks for the false promises Amazon!


Turns out, many people are reporting this exact problem, with both Halloween and non-Halloween related items. It’s a busy time of year, and only stands to get busier. Many people are complaining about the issue on the company’s Facebook page as well. “What’s happening on your website? When I order items that say they’ll take 2 days to arrive, I get emails saying they won’t be here until 6 days!!!” a woman in Virginia writes.

Bekka of Colorado complains that her daughter’s Pikachu costume was supposed to come between the 24th and 28th, but has been delayed until November 1.

Even Jezebel’s managing editor Kate Dries fell victim. She told Gizmodo that she ordered a hairdryer—she’s been drying her hair with a fan for the past two weeks, which allegedly works well—so she could have straight hair for her costume. She explains:

Upon checking out, Amazon kindly gave me the option of having my things shipped together so as not to waste boxes. As a friend to the environment, after looking to see if it seemed like my stuff would still get to me by Friday, I clicked the little boxy confirming that yes, it would be wending its way to me on Friday. Perhaps this is what made the difference in my package times, but soon after, my email from Amazon told me my things (all five items are coming in two boxes anyway) will not be joining me until Monday.


Kate is obviously not alone in her struggle. Many, many customers on Facebook and Reddit face a similar fate this Halloween. It doesn’t seem linked to a particular product, but rather, people using free two-day shipping from Amazon Prime. We have reached out to Amazon and will update the story if we get a response.

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