These GIFs Are Pure NES-Inspired Nostalgia

All GIFs: Back to Bits

Thanks to the new mini NES, we’re all wafting through fits of nostalgia for 8-bit graphics and classic Nintendo games. Jerry Liu loves this era so much, he decided to launch an art project dedicated to reliving our favorite game moments.


Called Back to Bits, the project features whimsical gifs by more than 40 artists, which recreate legendary NES games.  According to Liu, the idea was to “bring like-minded artists together to share work, celebrate their love for these games and inspire the next generation of gamers.” Here are a few of our favorites:

Fester’s Quest
Zelda 2
Marble Madness
Duck Hunt

Just for fun, I asked Liu for his favorite NES game. “I spent countless hours of my childhood playing the arcade version Gauntlet at my local Pizza Hut,” he said. “I was fortunate to be gifted an NES from my parents when I was a kid, and what was the first game I went out to buy? Gauntlet!”


So it should come as no surprise that this was his contribution to the project:


Christina is a senior writer at Gizmodo.


“I ’membeh!”