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Our mothers stressed two things: don't steal and wash your hands after using the bathroom. Although we're sometimes lax about the second one—we're busy bloggers here!—the first is definitely a rule to live by. Turns out these people's mothers didn't do their jobs so well.

Apparently, a friend of Evan's left her Sidekick II in a car, bought a new one to replace it and found out someone had not only found her sidekick but took pictures of themselves with it. Even better, they signed onto their AIM accounts and left their login names. Evan decided to contact the thief and was called a "white bitch" and hit with "i got ball this is my adress [redacted] come n do it iam give u the sidekick so I can hit you wit it". Classy.

So he decided to post the address, pictures, screen name and Myspace profile link of the thieves online to try to shame them into submission. The morals of the story? Don't take other people's stuff, give up when you're caught, and 14 year old girls shouldn't take slutty pictures of themselves and post it to Myspace.

Stolen Sidekick