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Looks like this Samsung D900, billed as the world's thinnest slider handset, just got an affirmative nod from the FCC, so we might be seeing the svelte cellphone stateside sometime soon. Its main claim to fame is its 13mm thickness and 3-ounce weight. It's also capable of video recording and messaging using MPEG-4/H.263.

This one brings even more impressive specs to the slim-phone arena, including its 3-megapixel camera with 2.1-inch 262k 240x320 (QVGA) display. It also has a microSD card slot so you can put 2GB's worth of pics, video or tunes on it, and listen to them with stereo Bluetooth powered by a digital amplifier. There's even a TV-out port if you don't mind watching videos at 320x240.

So now we have three impossibly thin phones coming to the United States from Samsung in the coming weeks: the P900, billed as the world's thinnest phone, the candy bar-shaped/6.9mm-thin X820, and now this D900 slider. Whoa. Thin is in.

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