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It's actually written into the Constitution that if you own an iPod you're obligated to buy a protective case under pain of death. IFrogz showed off their wacky brand of case last night at the Digital Life preview event in New York City. Made of the same silicone that we're all familiar with by now, iFrogz cases have a few things going for them that make them stand out, so much so that competitors were seen slicing them to shreds with Ginsu knives as reporters watched with their mouths agape.

The iFrogz cases are designed in three parts—wrapz, bandz and screenz—, meaning that once you go to the company's Web site, you can mix and match the three different parts' colors to your heart's content. Some even glow in the dark, which most have cost a fortune to develop. Want to mimic your favorite team's colors or match your new sundress? IFrogz lets you do so. Since the band around the case is removable, you can easily access the iPod's buttons and dock.


IFrogz cases can be bought as a set for $24, or you can buy the parts separately for a little more.

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