The Insides of Ordinary Objects in Macro Glory

The advancements in consumer-level photography mean that we have a lot of good people out there giving us a fresh look at things we’ve seen a million times. Things like the inside of a tube of toothpaste, or a stick of deodorant, or a pomegranate. In the past, you might get a glimpse of this sort of thing in a quick b-roll shot of a feature film or a science documentary but now, you can make it yourself.


For a really fine example of just looking at something cool, you could do a lot worse than the video above. Objects like a sneaker and a mini video camera get sliced into bits, grow and regrow with stop-motion photography, and are explored with crisp lenses.

Using a Syrp Genie and Mini-Genie paired with Adaptalux lighting, the whole thing was produced at a bargain price. Our eyeballs are all the richer for it.

[Macro Room]


Chuck Schwa

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