Apple AirPods Are Finally Shipping After Delay

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We’re not trying to tell you what to do. If you don’t want Apple’s completely wireless headphones, that’s cool, do you. But some people have been patiently waiting through six-odd weeks of delays for the buds to be available.

If you did want to get a hold of a pair of these spiffy things, they’re finally available for pre-order, and are likely to sell out quickly as newly released Apple products are wont to. According to Apple’s site, if you order right now, they’ll arrive on December 21st, just in time for Christmas. Technically because of the dental floss-like charging case, they’re pre-wrapped!

We’ve tested a version of these (which, granted, were not running finalized software) and they sound surprisingly good—nothing like the thin and uncomfortable EarPods that come packed in with every iPhone.


You’ll recall that Apple announced AirPods back in September, alongside the iPhone 7, which doesn’t have a headphone jack. At the time, AirPods were offered as a convenient alternative to the world of wired headphones—an elegant solution that justified Apple’s striking hardware change. At the time, Apple promised they would ship in October—a month which it is now not. Apparently, Apple couldn’t get these things working properly in time. Whoops!

But now that the delay is over you can finally plunk down your $160 for a set. If you want them, get them now. Stop reading. Go.

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Do you guys have a list of the best small wireless headphones currently available as an alternative to these?