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Following the hype of the Digital Life preview in New York City yesterday, Pioneer demoed a whole slew of assorted gadgetry today, one of which was their series of Pro DJ equipment. I got the chance to see them in action, and let's just say that my inner disc jockey was born again (as if it had ever died to begin with). To find out what I encountered, click "More" and make the jump to the other side.

We've reported on some of the equipment before–the DVJ-X1, for example. Other featured models were the DJM-400 two-channel mixer, the CDJ-1000MK3 and MK2 CD turntables, the DJM-800 mixer and the CDJ-200. When their powers combined, the room was officially bopping.

As you might know, the DVJ-X1 is a video remixer of sorts, letting DJs or DJ wannabees scratch, rewind and fast-forward DVD video as techno music fills the room. Seeing the European-sounding house DJ scratch live was a quite a sight.

Pioneer is trying to straddle the market between the pros and the amateurs, with the high-end pro equipment, like the aforementioned DVJ-X1, costing in the thousands of dollars, while equipment like the DJM-400 running only into the hundreds.

Should your rave get busted, however, don't blame us for any fines you incur.