Kill Your Idols With Cuteness

Photos via Getty/Meitu

Last week, a Chinese photo-editing app called Meitu blessed the world with its “Hand-Drawn” feature, which allows users to transform anyone they’d like into a soft, rosy-cheeked sweetie. It’s the perfect tool to undermine your worst enemies, turning them into soft puddles of kawaii cuteness, or elevate your idols to a level of beauty previously unknown to mankind.

Photos via Getty/Meitu

Meitu gives you six themes to choose from—Angelic, Blossoms, Fairytale, Petals, Mermaid and Baronness. The possibilities are infinite, and more over, extremely fun.

Photos via Getty/Meitu

Meitu is available for iPhone or Android. Once you download the app, tap the “Hand-Drawn” button, and let the makeovers begin. Fair warning: The feature works much better on high-resolution photos, but presumably you already have plenty of senpai.

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