Photo: AP

On Tuesday, the executive branch’s apparent campaign to silence reality reached a disturbing new low when (objectively true) tweets by Badlands National Park referencing climate change were mysteriously deleted. It’s unclear whether this was done directly at the White House’s behest, but restrictive gag orders by the Trump administration have already leaked from several federal agencies, muzzling them online.


So far, the effort to keep the federal government from speaking to the public it serves has been remarkably successful. In fact, anxious officials could be scrolling through their social media accounts right now, searching for climate change facts that might be objectionable to our new commander-in-chief. Before they find them, however, we think the country that paid for them deserves a look.

So check these tweets out now and guess which one will be disappeared down the memory hole next. Hopefully, none of them will, but we’re saving backups either way.

1. This Tweet From Badlands National Park


Odds of survival: Bad. Looks like they missed one.

2. This Tweet From Golden Gate National Park


Odds of survival: Low. Get it while it’s hot!

3. This Tweet From NASA Climate


Odds of survival: Not great. One Trump advisor suggested killing the agency’s climate research entirely.

4. This Tweet From NOAA Climate


Odds of survival: High. There’s no way Trump knows that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration exists.

5. This Entire Goddamn Account


Odds of survival: Good luck, baby, and god have mercy on us all.