4,000 Google Earth Photos Were Edited and Assembled Into This Dizzying Race Across the Earth

You don’t always need a wealthy record label to create a memorable music video. As YouTube’s Adnaan demonstrates, all you need is access to the massive archive of satellite photos on Google Earth, and enough time to painstakingly assemble over 4,000 of them into a frantic race across the Earth.

Set to the track Midnight by Caravan Palace, the video also highlights the differences between the concrete jungles of large cities in the US, versus the strategically-planned neighborhoods in countries like Denmark that are designed to promote community. A word of caution: if you get motion sick in a moving car, you might want to avoid hitting play on this one.

[YouTube via swissmiss]

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Not impressed - I thought I was going to loop around the world with one continuous loop. Not jump from some random location to the next.