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Hot off the floors over at Computex is MSI's two latest tiny form factor MP3 player—or as we here at MacModo call them: nano wannabes. The P610 MP3 player is small, lightweight and looks pretty sexy. It has storage space from 512MB up to 4GB of flash memory. The P610 supports MP3, WMA and WMA DRM while also supporting JPEG picture playback on the 1.8-inch LCD color screen. They controls are the most appealing feature of this player. It has touch-sensitive, stainless steel keys that are likely to make all of the ladies weak at the knees.

Also at Computex, MSI unveiled the P640 MP3 player (right). This is similar to the P610 but is a bit larger to accommodate the integrated hard drive. The 1-inch hard drive will be available in 8GB and 10GB capacities. This player also features touch sensitive controls.

MSI unveils 'posh' iPod Nano rival [The Register]