What our cousins over at Jalopnik lack in street smarts they make up for in giving stuff away. To wit: they are offering a free iPod nano to anyone who can fill in the thought balloon hovering over the heads of those two lovely characters.

The winner will be chosen by your friendly neighborhood Jalopnik editors from entries received at tips@jalopnik.com by Monday, June 12th at noon. And for your hard work, the winner will receive — in addition to us sending the winning pic over to the boys and girls at BBDO for display in their office — you'll also be getting a shiny black iPod Nano. Now get to work, kids — your nano is waiting, and you don't want someone else to win, do you?

I don't quite understand who those folks are, but then that's what happens when you don't chock the wheels of your Chevy Celebrity and it rolls over your head.


Pig And Bear Think It's Time For A Contest — An IPod For Their Thoughts? [Jalopnik]