You Can Keep Your Self-Driving Cars, I Want This Jet-Powered Wing Suit

Spreading my arms and taking to the skies like an eagle has always been my biggest fantasy. The closest I’ve ever come is piloting a two-seater Cessna, which was fun, but nowhere near as exhilarating as Jarno Cordia’s latest stunt involving a wingsuit and a pair of jet engines strapped to his ankles.

A hot air balloon carried Cordia and his improvised Iron Man suit to an altitude of 5,000 feet before he stepped off the edge and ignited the jet engines. The 80-kilograms of thrust produced by the engines was not only enough to allow Cordia to fly for almost three minutes without losing altitude, he actually gained a few feet before deploying his parachute and landing safely. You can keep your self-driving cars, this is how I want to commute every day to work.


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Seems like they could have found a more efficient mechanism than jet engines for maintaining altitude/thrust for such a light weight requirement with a decent glide ratio. I would bet propellers encased in a housing would have been more efficient. Any aeronautics engineers out there that can comment on this?