Those Apple zealots over at Macworld got their hands on a souped up white MacBook and found some interesting results relating to the MacBooks' performances. While it's true that you can upgrade the white MacBook to make it identical (seemingly) to the black MacBook, which carries the notorious $150 price premium, some of their tests found that the white MacBook outperformed its more expensive brother.

Some further digging around discovered the hard drive of the white MacBook to be the key factor. While both models featured a 2.0-GHz Intel Core Duo processor and 5,400-RPM hard drives, the white MacBook's did a better job in the Compressor MPEG-2 encoding test and in applying an iMovie filter. Switching the black's hard drive with a faster 7,200-RPM hard drive improved its performance, but not entirely, only closing—not eliminating— the performance gap on many of the tests. Check out Macworld for the full test results of all three models of the MacBook (black, 1.83-GHz and 2.0-Ghz white).

The moral of the story? Faster hard drives equal better performance, but, out of the box, the white and black MacBooks are even closer to each other than previosuly thought. Still want to pay $150 for paint?

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