You can really tell that years of actual product development helps a company to make something eye pleasing as well as functional. Take for instance, the MSI 17" LCD all-in-one PC. This really does look quite similar to the iMac, where as the Quixun All-In-One doesn't look much like anything.

The MSI Crystal 945 has an integrated card reader, a DVD burner, USB ports, two speakers, Intel Pendium 4/D/Celeron D and up to 2GB of DDR2 RAM. A handy machine for users that want to keep all their computing in a neat area without too many wires running all over the place. The example on the show room actually does have tons of wires, but that's probably just to show off all the connectivity.

No pricing or availability yet.

MSI to present all-in-one 17" LCD PC 'Crystal 945' [AVING]