Blowing Up a Rainbow Probably Looks a Lot Like Dropping an Anvil on Spray Paint Cans

When you get exclusive access to a 150-foot-tall tower, you’re going to want to do more than just take in the view. So when the team from How Ridiculous got just such an opportunity, they made the most of it, hauling a heavy anvil to the top and then dropping it on a stack of spray paint cans on the ground below.


Ensuring the anvil perfectly nailed the cans required a couple of hit-and-miss attempts. But when it finally did hit the bullseye, the resulting explosion (which was captured on a high-speed camera in glorious slo-mo) looked like what would happen if a rainbow were blown up with a stick of dynamite. No one was hurt in the resulting blast, but at least one GoPro camera is going to need a few hours of scrubbing to get clean.




Do you think they clean up the mess?