Lexicon, a company known for its forays into digital media, is now entering the "HD era" with its MC-12 HD Media Controller. An audio/video processor for high rollers, the MC-12 HD features including an impressive six HDMI inputs (who even has six HDMI devices to output?) in addition to four component inputs, three S-Video inputs and two composite inputs. Naturally, it'll upconvert all that non-HD content you feed it as best it can.

On the audio front, the usual Dolby Pro Logic and Dolby Digital make an appearance as well as DTS Neo:6, which tries to turn vanilla two-channel sound into a five-channel fiesta.

The MC-12 HD is sort of like the Cadilac of audio/video processors, so much that it costs nearly as much as one. Available in three models, the MC-12 HD ranges in price from $9,999 to $13,999. Better start saving those pennies.

Product Page [Lexicon via Digital Trends]