Philips is celebrating "Holidays in June" (since it's now unfashionable to celebrate Christmas, in July or otherwise) by announcing a slew of digital goodies for us to salivate over. The latest is the GoGear Flash Audio Player, also known by its model number, the SA9200. Fully compliant with PlaysForSure (anyone? Bueller?) from Microsoft, this 2GB flash-based audio player looks strikingly similar to the Creative's Zen Micro, but we're sure that's just a coincidence. It'll fit about 1,000 songs or 500 pictures.

The included FM tuner lets you tune into FCC-regulated terrestrial radio and the battery should last about 14 hours, which is more than generous. Also of note, especially for all those kids heading off to college in the next few months, is that the Philips includes a built-in voice recorder. Just give it to your buddy so he can record lecture—no need to fight off that hangover in class!

Expect it in July for $200.

Product Page [Philips via Everything USB]