Keeping in touch with your family has never been easier with free VoIP video conferencing software like Skype, MSN, and Yahoo Messenger. That is, if you've got the right equipment for it. Our old webcams have been lousy both video-wise (low resolution) and audio-wise (echo and feedback), which also made our Friday Skypecasts difficult. This Creative Live! Cam Voice has solved lots of our problems.

How? Find out after the jump!

The "dual adaptive array microphones" pretty much worked just as advertised. There's three microphone options you can select from the software, normal, Live! Audio and Directional Live! Audio. When Directional Live! Audio is active, the webcam only picks up sounds between the two microphones, ignoring all the other sounds. This means you can use speakers instead of headphones and there won't be too much feedback/echo for the other party.


The sensor gives pretty good quality video and 1.3 megapixel resolution is pretty good for photos. Face tracking is nice, but gets annoying if you move around too much. There's video effects you can add, like the ones for the Logitech Quickcam Orbit MP, but there's less effects to choose from. The interesting ones are a tiger head and a mask, but you can also put yourself in a picture frame.

Other included software features are remote monitoring, motion detection and time lapsed video—pretty standard stuff.


All in all, the best feature of this webcam is the audio and the noise reduction. If you usually use webcams in a noisy environment or don't like using a headset then this could be for you. The video is great, but it's not noticibly better than any of the other decent webcams out right now.

We give this one 5 camwhores out of 5.