The JVC DLA-HD10K uses D-ILA (Digital Direct Drive Image Light Amplifier) technology to pump out 1080p with a contrast ratio of 2500:1 but unfortunately with just 600 lumens of brightness. This D-ILA is JVC's name for Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS or LCoS), a slightly different animal from garden-variety DLP, where it's still a reflective technology but instead of DLP's Rube-Goldbergian principle of thousands of tiny mirrors, it uses liquid crystals to reflect the light instead.

The remarkable component of this projector is its single 1.3-inch chip, capable of cranking out 2048x1536 pixels, well above what is necessary for 1080p, which is 1920x1080. Missing from its spec list is HDMI, were JVC saw fit to input this high-rez video via DVI—not a big sacrifice, but notable nonetheless. Set to ship July 1, it'll cost around $12,500. Expensive, yes, but just consider it a harbinger of even brighter D-ILA projectors, which will battle the impending onslaught of 1080p DLP models. Can't wait to see these 1080p projectors get into the sub-$5,000 range, so mere mortals might possess one.

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