Video Game Characters Are Getting Too Freakishly Real for Me

It’s easier to mindlessly blast away a room full of video game baddies when they look at you with dead eyes and zombie-like facial expressions. It’s a completely different challenge when they appear to be expressing actual emotions and pain, made all the more believable with this new advanced facial animation tool for the Unreal video game engine.


This character doesn’t quite escape the uncanny valley, the term used to describe computer-generated humans that ironically look fake as a result of being so close to photo-realistic. But the way the features on his face are able to flex and move, including how his skin stretches while still being constrained by simulated muscles, would freak me out if I ran into him in a video game. Game over, man, game over!

[Snappers via Prosthetic Knowledge]


I kept waiting for a nostril flare. And can he wiggle his ears!?

I was really impressed at the tendons moving in the neck during some of those expressions though. That’s impressive stuff.