Photoshop Contest: Porg Edition

The Porg chestburster by Reddit user zvoidx on r/PhotoshopBattles (used with permission)

The world has seen mere seconds of Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s porgs, but already they’re a divisive character. Some people love them, others hate them. But no matter where you stand, everybody wants to photoshop them.

Yes, this is the internet, so people are going to town on the latest cuddly creature to invade the Star Wars universe. The puffin-like creature from the island of Ahch-To is already getting meme’d and remix’d like they’re shutting down the internet tomorrow or something.


The amazing photoshop job above was created by Reddit user zvoidx for r/PhotoshopBattles. And the horrifying one below was created by Twitter user Jesse McLaren.

But what’ve you got? Post your creation in the comments below. And if you need a little help, we made a .PNG with the background already deleted for you. Winners will be rounded up for a blog post tomorrow. The prize? Not getting eaten by a porg during the revolution. You’re welcome.


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