Inspired by a Japanese fan, this design concept for a Nokia cellphone uses an as-yet-nonexistent flexible LCD color touchscreen that opens when you push the button in the middle. This piece of fantasy art looks like it would be useful for making video phone calls to your relatives vacationing on Mars.

It's hard to get an idea of the scale of this concept by the artwork, but were hoping it's not too big or it will look like a dildo in your pocket. Designed by Hugo Danti, it won first place in the Nokia 4G Design Competition. As soon as scrollable touchscreen LCDs are invented, this is a design concept that just might work.


The technology is getting close, however. Case in point: Epson's flexible electronic paper, which was announced as a technology demonstration but hasn't been created in any practical way. Yet.

Nokia Open [Yanko Design, via SciFi Tech]