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Drone Captures the Trippy Controlled Chaos of Dogs Herding Sheep

If you’ve taken a peek at the news anytime in the past 12 months, then there’s a good chance you’re having a hard time falling asleep every night. Counting sheep is apparently one way to drift off, but a trippy drone’s-eye view of dogs herding and corralling sheep might be even more effective.


The individual sheep in these massive herds appear to be zig-zagging left and right as they’re coerced to move from one hillside paddock to another in Rangitikei, New Zealand. But watching the entire herd move is like watching a giant flock of birds take to the skies, as the movements appear both chaotic and perfectly in sync at the same time.

[YouTube via Laughing Squid]

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People will tell you that border collies are the smartest dogs in the world, that Chaser has a vocabulary larger than a typical 3rd grader, that they can do anything but that’s a load a’ crap.
This is my (mostly) border collie Lola, AKA Poo. She’s sweet as can be and we love her to death but she’d dumber than dirt. I’m afraid the average sheep would out think her and wind up not only escaping the fold entirely but getting Lola sheared to boot.

We love her, but she just ain’t bright.