Someone Please Convince a Toy Company to Make This Leaping, Rocket-Powered RC Car

Toymakers are always on the hunt for a fad or unique feature that will have parents fighting over their products come Christmas time. So if there are any toymakers reading this, the hot toy for the 2018 holidays will obviously be remote control cars outfitted with rocket engines helping them make the sickest of jumps.


The normal playtime progression for any remote-controlled car is five minutes of driving, followed by five hours of sending it soaring off ramps to see how high and far it can jump. This creation, by YouTube’s David Windestal, just skips right to the awesome jumping part. It’s a 6.6-pound, 1:10-scale HobbyKing Desert Fox RC car upgraded with a single rocket engine producing 120-pounds of thrust—you do the math.

There’s still some R&D needed for the whole landing-in-one-piece feature, but that’s just a golden opportunity for a toy company to sell an entire line of replacement parts. This idea is a goldmine waiting to happen, assuming you can convince kids to never, ever play with it indoors.



I bet if they added a small chute or even just a streamer and a deploy charge, they could get it to land level.