Watch This Guy Inject Himself With an Untested Herpes 'Cure'

Last Sunday at the BodyHacking Con in Austin, Aaron Traywick joined the rarefied ranks of those who have experimented on themselves in the name of science. Only Traywick is not a scientist—he is the CEO of Ascendance Biomedical, a rogue biotech firm working with biohackers to develop treatments outside of FDA oversight and regulation.

Traywick has herpes, and he injected into his leg an experimental treatment that the company says could potentially treat both herpes and vaccinate against it by modifying the virus’ genetic code. But experts are skeptical, saying it may not work and that it could wind up misleading—and even hurting—people.

Senior Writer, Gizmodo.

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Wait a minute... this is LITERALLY THE PLOT OF FUTUREMAN.